In our first printmaking lesson of Module 4, we’re going to be learning about relief printmaking. Carving our design into a foam plate, then transferring that design to paper, has interesting results unique to this technique.

You can see my finished prints below and at the Supplemental Materials page.

The materials you’ll need in this class are:

  • a dull pencil
  • black and/or white tempera paint
  • white and/or black paper (choose a different color than the paint)
  • a foam printing sheet or disposable foam plate
  • a skewer or dowel
  • the foam cylinder from a hair roller
  • a plate or palette for your paint

Optional supplies are: 

  • brayer
  • a small drawing
  • masking tape or artist’s tape
  • a file folder or paperclip for organization

Practice, practice, practice!