Let’s make some fantastic pictures and patterns using an aluminum embossing technique! If you can get some 36 gauge aluminum craft sheets, they are my favorite material to use for this lesson. If not, just grab some heavy duty aluminum foil or a clean disposable aluminum pie plate; I had great, and unique, results with all three versions! Below are the pictures of my completed projects.

Be very cautious, aluminum can have sharp edges! Don’t be afraid to ask someone for assistance during cutting or folding. And if you like this project, try creating one with color like in my lesson inspired by Hojalata (Mexican tin art).

Please make sure you have these supplies:

  • a dull pencil
  • aluminum craft sheets (36 gauge is preferred), heavy duty aluminum foil, and/or a disposable aluminum pie pan
  • a small drawing or sketch
  • a cloth napkin or small towel
  • a ruler or other straight edge

Your optional materials are:

  • a compass for making circles
  • a hole punch for metal or other tool to punch
  • a popsicle stick, chopstick, or other dull-tipped tool

Practice, practice, practice!

Owl made using 36 gauge aluminum craft sheet
Pattern made on an aluminum pie plate
Owl made using heavy duty aluminum foil